Coldwater fish basins

Aquaja’s coldwater basins provide a unique and inspiring way to present you pond department!

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Presentation and appearance

The coldwater fish basins from Aquaja ensure a perfect presentation of your pond fish and koi and they are a real crowd favorite. The coldwater basins are completely customizable and can be custom-made to fit your specific wishes. For example, it is possible to customize measurements, colors and materials. Multiple extra options, such as Led lighting, automatic water refreshment or a wooden deck are available to ensure the presentation of pond fish in a responsible and good way. Besides a beautiful and natural appearance, the wooden deck also provides a protective feature for your basins.


To give you a better inside in the various options, we created product sheets for our coldwater basins.

This productsheet walks through the most important choices you can make. You can think of colours and layout, but also on the different possibilities for your water supply and drainage.

Would you like to receive the productsheet?
The productsheets are available upon request. Please contact us directly to receive the digital productsheet!

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