Small Animals Enclosures

Aquaja offers you unique enclosures for the presentation of your small animals, in which the focus lies on animal welfare, easy maintenance and the appearance of the enclosure. Your small animal housing will be a true attraction for your customers.

Small Animal Enclosures in images

Spacious layout

The well-being of the animals is the main focus of our enclosures, where we make sure all the animals have enough moving space. Thanks to our experience we can guarantee a high quality and attractive animal enclosure, in which you can present small animals in a responsible manner.

Natural look and feel

Our small animal enclosures are fully customized, where the look and feel will be adjusted to match your store. You can think about a natural atmosphere by using wooden elements, graphical designs and more.

Besides that we can adjust the measurements of all cages to fit its inhabitants and to meet local requirements.

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