The sales of plants forms an important part of the aquatics department. We offer completely customized plant sales islands. Do you want a straight aquarium model or do you prefer a sloping stairmodel? Would you like to have lighting which is mounted to the ceiling or would you like to use an aluminum bracket to hang lights? The choice is yours.

Plant sales islands in images

Total concept

Together with you we will design the ideal plant sales island for your store. The possibilities are nearly endless. You can choose for a straight aquarium model, where we can work with decorative plates to hide the water level (to prevent calcium deposits).

Besides that we offer multiple different filtration solutions. Our standard is the use of a biological sump filtration system, which can optionally be equipped with a UV-C unit or with automatic water refreshment.


An important aspect of our plant sales islands is the lighting. We offer multiple solutions and we have developed a unique plant spot for this.

Besides that we offer multiple possibilities for the mounting of the lights above the aquarium unit. You can choose to mount the lights directly to the ceiling. If this is not a possibility in your situation we can offer aluminium support brackets which rests on the aquarium.

You can also choose to use unique light boxes, in which the lights are incorporated and which ‘float’ above the island. A true eyecatcher!


To help you with your orientation and to give you a better view of the possibilities, we have developed a productsheet.

This productsheet walks through the most important choices you can make. You can think of colours, layout and filtration options, but also on the different possibilities for your water supply and drainage.

Would you like to receive the productsheet?
The productsheets are available upon request. Please contact us directly to receive the digital productsheet!

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